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All my sessions are conveniently virtual! Once a student signs up for a class, I will confirm by sending an email that will include a Zoom link to the meeting. In each session, there will be a specific objective that we will outline and aim to achieve. 

The initial lesson is scheduled for 30 minutes and is geared towards learning student interests and skill levels in their target language. At that time, we’ll also review specific student goals for our time together. 

In the second meeting, we’ll start each class with a review of the practice work or the material learned in the previous class. The goal of the lessons is overall communication in Spanish; therefore, my focus is to help students improve their communication skills through speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Depending on individual ability, we can always adjust by focusing on one particular skill more than others. 

If you still have questions regarding how your lesson plan will be customized or if you need a different time and day, please contact us at:

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