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As an experienced Language Tutor, I understand that each student learns differently, which is why I work with each and everyone to find the best method for them. My availability is flexible and can be adjusted to your scheduling needs. Let me know what works for you and together we can create a program that works!

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This program is geared toward Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced conversation depending on your needs, and is the most effective way to learn and practice your Spanish. The private Spanish class is also designed to take into account your individual learning requirements and personal interests.

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Couples’ Lesson: A personalized, private lesson that is perfect for you if you want to learn with your partner, friend, or family member. This Spanish lesson for two is designed to take into account your common learning requirements and personal interests. 

Small-group Lesson: Classes are limited to three students; generally, friends, siblings, or families, and students are responsible for registering their entire group. This class works similarly to a private session; however, students will have greater interaction with each other, and we’ll be able to create more complex day-to-day scenarios.

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These lessons are geared to prepare students for AP exams and Educational Testing Services. Our scheduling flexibility also allows students to sharpen their skills in order to meet the urgent requirements of proctored tests and regular language classes at their school. Regularly scheduled lessons are of course recommended, rather than for “emergency” situations. Consistency is really the key to building those fluent skills! 

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Spanish Nvivo is an approved provider by the New Hampshire Department of  Education. We offer high school credits to students who wish to take Spanish classes with us. We are currently offering: Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4, and Advance Placement. For more information contact:

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